Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Homemade Baby Food

Ok, so on this quest to save money.  I have decided to make my own baby food, Considering she will be eating what we eat soon enough anyway.  So I bought pears, apples, squash, and sweet potatoes.  We will start with those.  I also have frozen green beans and carrots so I will be making those soon too.  A whole bag of GV frozen veggies, is $.98!! that's alot of baby food. So all I have done is peal and chop the fruit, add a small amount of water to a pot, and drop in the apples, or pears, let them steam for a few min. Took them off the heat and let them cool a bit.  I then drained the water off into a seperate bowl.  After they cooled a little, I put the pieces into my Ninja food blender, and added a little bit of the cooking water to it to thin it out.
sweet potatoes baking(ended up cutting them in half about half way through and adding some water to the pan while they cooked the rest of the way)

the Squash were just cut in half and laying in a little bit of water as well, then when they were finished I just scooped out the middle of the of the squash (seeds and all) and put it all in the blender.  Pears in the blender

Pears in ice cube trays... i chose these (they are from the dollar tree) b/c they lay flatter than the large square trays & goodness knows we are limited on freezer space

after cubes froze i just popped them out of the tray & vaccum sealed them & marked the date on them.. 

here is 1 pear, 2 apples, 2 squash.  

Sweet Potatoes


Before I poured them into the ice cube trays, I took a clean 1st's baby food container and poured some food in just to get an idea of how many cubes make a whole container. Anyways, about 3 of my cubes is one whole 1st container.  Which early on she will only eat about 1/2 of a container...

It's really not hard, or time consuming, maybe just a tiny inconvenient when out in town but we will make it work, or keep a small stock of jar baby food (only when it goes on super cheap sale) just to take with us when we go out in town.  More to come when she really starts eating some of it... We have already had sweet potatoes and she loves those.  When we first started feeding cereal, we did learn to give her half of her bottle, then feed her the cereal on the spoon, then give her the rest of her bottle.  To start getting her used to eating off of a spoon.  Now she knows what it is and doesn't have a problem with it.  :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weight Watchers Party

 This past weekend my sister in law and I threw my mother in law a surprise party.  She has been doing Weight Watchers for a year now.  She has lost 54 pounds!! :) She has met her lifetime goal.  So, we thought a congrats were in order.

Our invitations read:

SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Time Really Flies!!

A Weight Loss Party is planned

and you're invited to go,
but don't tell the Guest of Honor,
‘cause she doesn't know!

52 weeks, and 54 lbs dropped,
Let’s give a big applause!
Without such great help, it would have flopped.

Just bring yourselves and an appetite,
Several yummy recipes will be served.

everyone anxiously awaiting her arrival.....

So to get on with the story of the day.  Mrs Peggy went shopping with the preachers wife, Mrs Paula.  Mrs. Paula did a great job keeping everything a secret and keeping her occupied.  When the two of them walked in the door, and hit the living room, everyone yelled "SurPrise!" She looked totally confused.... She said 100 things started running through my head..." did I miss our anniversary? no, that's april, it's not my birthday.... O NO this is a Surprise party for Mrs. Paula!!" she said so i stepped out of the way, well, then one of the boys explained to her that it was a "congratulations for hitting your lifetime WW goal!" 

We fixed Spaghetti... nothing special, just prego spaghetti sauce (or some other brand), Diet Coke BBQ Chicken ( http://livingachangedlife.blogspot.com/2010/07/diet-coke-chicken.html ), and Mini  Meat Loaf Muffins( http://livingachangedlife.blogspot.com/2009/10/meatloaf-muffins.html ) for the "main course".  Green beans and sweet carrots for the veggies, and WW strawberry pie and a Vanilla pudding cake crumble for dessert... sorry i didn't take pictures of the food.

putting on the weight
We played a game. We put the 54 pounds that Mrs Peggy had lost in a back pack.  If anyone said "I can't" or "I don't like" they had to wear the back pack for 10 min. or until someone else said it.  It was a lot of fun, but it also put into perspective how much 54 pounds actually is, and how much strain it does put on your body.

the guest of honor and her granddaughter Anna Rae 

Friday, February 3, 2012

New craft project, Bib

I got a sewing machine for Christmas.  I used to play on Nanny's sewing machine, but play is about all we ever did, never really made anything to speak of other than a few stitches on some scrap fabric.  She taught us a little, but being kids, we could have cared less to actually learn, we just wanted to play.  Anyway, now that I am older, I have decided that I would like to actually learn how to really sew. I mean, I don't want to be project runway seamstress or anything.

I have made a few things... as you have seen in a previous post.  Most of them....well....you can tell I'm still learning... lol! So i said, let me pick a project that will be easy, I can finish fairly quickly, and actually make it look nice.  So I chose to make a bib.

I had completely different plans from the way it actually turned out but i think it came out super cute....(from a distance) don't get too close b/c you can see all of the flaws.  but I think for the first bib I've ever made, I would call this one a success.

ok, so first the bib shape was a challenge in and of it's self! Lots of curves.  Straight lines are easy, curves a bit more challenging.  Second, sewing on that ruffle, and then of course that "R".  MAN that furry fabric is tough!! It's hard to see what and where you are stitching. 

ok, so right now it's a little long. but her whole outfit will be protected from spit up.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reese Rolling Over

well, we did it...ACTUALLY we have done it 2 or 3 times, just never caught it on video.... here she goes!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Money saving adventures!

Ok, so i'm no Extreme Couponer...YET! Haha, hopefully I will begin to save more and more money as i continue and continue to learn more and more. I am starting at Wal-mart, and about to learn to save big money and get free stuff at Wal-greens, Rite Aid, and CVS. Who doesn't LOVE saving money.  Ok, so first of all, I have shopped at Walmart the last few times, b/c there have been a variety of things on sale between Brookshires and Krogers and it's easier and closer to shop in one place right now.  Walmart will price match between many different stores so you can get the best deals on products (yes they even match on sale store brand prices, yes sometimes walmart is still cheaper on some stuff).  I the only thing I wish Walmart did is double and triple coupons.  :-p.  O well, you can still save a conciderable amt. 
 This is my coupon organizer! Complete with scissors. It works for me because its quick & easy to keep in my purse.  I would love to have a binder, we'll work up to that. 
This is my trip today. The grapes & trash bags were the most expensive.  The grapes were even on sale, and I could have gotten the trash bags about half price but thats kinda a long story lol.  Everything else shown was $1 & i had coupons for the paper towels & Campbells soup. 

This is my ticket from today.  before tax total was 29.63, and after tax total is $31.57. The price before Price matching and coupons was $45. I'm ok with saving $15.00!! 

My Own Bed

Well, wer are 2 and a half months...and we moved to our own bed!! Bitter sweet, but she has done great! the first night we got up twice between 4-5:30 to put her paci back in, but last night she didn't even stir until 730 this morning! Makes our bed room seem alot bigger without the pack n play next to our bed, but it was weird getting up in the morning and not having to go to the foot of the bed to get up

we opened our teething giraffe yesterday,that nanna got us for christmas,  no we aren't teething quite yet, but it's nice for her to chew on something other than her hands! :) she loved it! She'll figure out how to hold on to it soon! :) It squeaks, so the dog thinks she is going to throw it for him to play with.... that might NOT be a good thing haha.  He hasn't messed with it though.  


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2 month shots :(

   We had our 2 month check up today... We now weight 9lbs 8oz. 22.5 in long, and head circ. of 36 cm.    Dr Haynes said she looks great! My sis in law and I (and of course the two baby girls) went to eat at Southfield Grill after the dr visit and a few short errands while out on Youree Dr. Then we looked at the schedule and there was a shots for tots bus in town today, pretty close to where we were.. so We did have to get shots... :( Instead of getting them at the dr office though we found that "Shots for Tots" bus.  AMAZING!! FREE!! and fairly quick, granted we were the first ones there so we didn't have to wait for a bunch of people in front of us! :) I do like that! Anna Rae (my sweet niece) got her 2nd flu shot today too.. she broke my heart when she cried...
Reese was a trooper through all 3 shots.  she only cried for a second.  I know shots in the future will NOT be that easy! We are armed and ready with some tylenol just in case she starts hurting, or running a fever.  and of course we had to call the dr. on dosing b/c they just changed all of the dosing, and concentration on it all! :P
O, and did I mention, that something(i believe our trash) stunk the whole house up when we got home, so hopefully taking the trash out, airing this place out, and turning on every Sentsy i own will help! :)